International and domestic wires

Can I send wires with Azlo?

We don’t have the ability to send wires, but you can easily send digital payments anywhere in the U.S. These payments are sent via the Automated Clearing House network; they have a few things in common with wires (they’re securely, electronically sent with your account and routing number) and a few key differences (they take longer, but they’re also much more efficient—which allows us to offer them fee-free).

We’re also planning to roll out international payments with Azlo in the coming months.

How do I receive a wire?

Although we can’t send wires, you can receive a wire in your Azlo account. Here’s the information that the person sending the wire will need:

For domestic wires:

Bank Name: BBVA USA 
Address: 15 South 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35233
Your Azlo account and routing numbers

For international wires:

Bank Name: BBVA USA 
Address: 15 South 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35233
Your Azlo account and routing numbers

One thing to note: some international banks may ask for an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to send a wire. The U.S. doesn’t currently use the IBAN system, so your Azlo account does not have an IBAN. If this happens, we recommend asking the sending bank if they can use the SWIFT number instead.

Are there any fees to receive a wire? 

Azlo never charges a fee to receive a wire, but the sending bank will typically charge a fee. Some sending banks will send international wires through intermediary banks (also called correspondent banks) which may charge fees. 

How long do wires take? 

Domestic wires are generally available same-day as long as they're sent early enough in the day (the exact cutoff can vary based on the sending bank, but it's typically around 5 pm CT). 

International wires can take several business days, depending on where they are coming from, any intermediary banks involved, and the number of timezones they cross. 

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