Does Azlo offer checkbooks?

Our accounts don't support checks. We don't offer checkbooks, and checks that are printed by another company with your Azlo account information won't work.

You can, however, send payments with Azlo. Check out the Sending payments article to learn how to pay someone with their account and routing number, and the Paying bills or mailing a check article to learn how to send a check with our bill pay service. 

Something to keep in mind: sometimes, if you pay a biller with your account and routing number, they will attempt to process the payment as an eCheck (basically, they'll create an electronic check with your information). If a merchant tries to debit your account via eCheck, the payment won't work. It's a good idea to either pay them with our bill pay service, use your Azlo debit card instead, or ask them to confirm that they'll be processing the payment as an ACH transfer and not an eCheck. 

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