If you're unable to deposit a check with the mobile app (for example, if the check exceeds your mobile deposit limit or your phone isn't working), you have the option of depositing it by mail. 

There are also a few types of deposits that we cannot accept via mobile deposit but can accept by mail: money orders, checks issued by the U. S. Treasury, and loan checks. 

Keep in mind there are a just a couple of check types we can't accept by mail, either. We cannot accept international (non-U.S.) checks by mail or through the mobile app. We also aren't able to accept checks that have the account information written in at the bottom of the check, though these aren't very common.

How to deposit a check by mail

To deposit a check by mail, endorse the check by signing it and writing "For deposit only - Azlo" on the back, and write your account number under the endorsement. We need this information in order to successfully process your mailed-in deposit.

Once you have endorsed the check, mail it to one of the addresses below. We typically recommend using certified mail so that you'll have a tracking number:

Via US Mail:

Azlo Bank by Mail
Attention: Vault Services
P.O. Box 515
Birmingham, AL 35201-0515


Via Overnight Delivery:

Azlo Bank by Mail
Attention: Vault Services
701 32nd Street South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Availability schedule for mailed deposits

  • If your account is under 30 days old, the check will generally be available after 5 business days. 
  • If your account is over 30 days old, the first $225 will generally be available the day the check is processed and the remaining sum will be available after 2 business days. 
  • If you deposit a check for over $5,525 (or multiple checks totaling over $5,525 in the same day), the first $5,525 will generally be available on the usual schedule but the remaining sum may be subject to additional holds.
  • Additional holds may apply.


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