Connecting your Azlo account to TransferWise

It is possible to link your Azlo account to TransferWise, as well as hundreds of other services. We put together this guide on TransferWise, specifically, because many of our customers use TransferWise and it's a little harder to see exactly how to establish a link.

  1. Log into TransferWise and select "Add money."
  2. Enter how much money you would like to pay. 
  3. To link an account, select the "Bank debit (ACH)" option. (You can also pay with your Azlo debit card if you prefer.)
  4. Select Azlo from their list of linkable banks. 
  5. You'll be prompted to enter your Azlo login email and password. 
  6. That's it; your Azlo account should be successfully linked to TransferWise. 
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