Doing business as (DBA) names

DBAs, also known as trade names, fictitious names, or assumed names, allow businesses to use names that are different than their legal business names. 

DBAs are often associated with sole proprietorships (since the legal name of a sole proprietorship is the owner's name, sole proprietors are especially likely to use a DBA to conduct business), but other business types can also have a DBA. 

The requirements for using a DBA vary from state to state. Some states don't require you to register the DBA, while others generally require you to register but don't if your DBA meets certain requirements. The requirements can also vary based on your business type. Because there's so much variation from state to state, we recommend contacting your state or county government to ask about the requirements for your business. 

If you have a DBA, you'll have the option of including it on your Azlo application. If your state requires that you register the DBA, we'll likely ask you to provide a copy of the registration documents. You can also add a DBA to your account later, or change the DBA we have on file, as long as you have the proper documentation. 

If you have a DBA on file with Azlo, you can request a card with your DBA on it and deposit checks under that name.  

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