Using Azlo with accounting software and services

Most accounting software allows you to link directly to a bank account. 

These links can be managed in a few different ways, and Azlo accounts are supported by the most common linking services. That means you can connect an Azlo account, just like any other bank account, to Xero, Wave, QuickBooks Online, and many other services. 

Some accounting services, however, may use a different type of link that doesn't support Azlo. If you're thinking about opening an Azlo account, it's a good idea to check your accounting service's list of supported banks to see if you'll be able to connect your new Azlo account. 

Finally, some accountants and bookkeepers will ask for view-only access to your bank account. That's not currently possible with Azlo (though we are working to enable this in the future). In the meantime, you can export your transactions via CSV or download your account statements and share them with your bookkeeper. 

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