Sharing your Azlo account with a business partner

Can I give someone else access to my Azlo account?

Yes, you can invite any business partners who were listed on your Azlo application to use your Azlo account. 

If you opened your Azlo account a while ago and you don’t remember whether or not your business partner was on your application, you can find out by logging into your Azlo account on a computer and clicking on your name in the upper right corner. If you see the “Manage Users,” option on the menu, that means you can request access for your business partner. If don't see the "Manage Users" option, you won’t be able to add anyone to your account yet but please email so our team can look into your situation. 


Can I give access to an employee or a business partner who wasn’t listed on your application? 

Not yet—for now, you can only give access to a business partner who owns 25% or more of your business and is listed on your Azlo application. 

Down the road, we’re considering adding the option of requesting access for people who weren’t listed on your application. We’re also working to offer read-only access for accounting purposes. 

Can I get a debit card for my business partner? 

If you give your business partner access to your Azlo account, we will send them an Azlo Visa® debit card once we verify their current address.

Can I set limits on the types of transactions my business partner can make?

If you share your Azlo account with a business partner, they will have full access to the account. They will be able to make transfers, deposit checks, and send payments. 

It isn’t currently possible to give someone partial access to the account or to set limits on the types of transactions they can make. However, you (the account opener) can disable access for the other users on your account by blocking their Azlo card and/or their sign-in access.


How do I give access to my business partner?

  1. Log into Azlo on a computer. 
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right corner, and look for the "Manage Users" option in the drop-down menu.  
  3. From the "Manage Users" page, you'll be able to request access for the business partner(s) listed on your account.  Once you request access, we’ll review the request (this typically takes one business day, and we’ll send you an email when our review is complete). 

Once their access has been approved, your business partner(s) will have full access to the Azlo account and they will be eligible to get an Azlo debit card.

Can I see which person made a transaction or payment on my account? 

Yes, if your account has more than one user, you can see who initiated the transaction in the transaction details. Just click or tap on the transaction to expand it. If the transaction was initiated within Azlo (for example, a card purchase or a transfer to a linked bank account), we’ll display the name of the person who initiated the payment. If the transaction was initiated by another institution, however (for example, a deposit from Square or Stripe), we cannot display which person initiated the transaction because we don’t get that data. 

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