Checks we can and cannot process 

Although we can accept most types of deposits, we cannot process issued by international (non-U.S.) banks. We also cannot accept money orders, loan checks, or checks issued by the U.S. Treasury with our mobile app, though we can accept them by mail. 

The information we need to process a check 

Every deposit needs a few key pieces of information: 

  1. A payee name: The check must be made out to you or your business. We can accept deposits that are in your name, the legal business name, or your DBA name (if you have a DBA on file with us). 
  2. Your endorsement: There are a few acceptable ways to endorse a check whether you're depositing it via mobile deposit or by mail, and you can find more details on the options in the Depositing a check by mail and Depositing a check with the Azlo app articles. However, writing your name and Azlo account number on the back of the check will work for either deposit method. 
  3. The payer signature: The check must be signed by the person who issued it or another authorized signer. 
  4. A current date: We cannot process checks that were issued for a future date or more than 6 months in the past. 
  5. The amount: The check must include a written amount and a numerical amount, and these amounts must match. 
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