What is a returned check deposit?

A returned check, sometimes referred to as a returned item or charged back check, is a check that was deposited, either through the app or by mailing it in, however the paying bank does not pay or honor it.

What happens if a check is returned?

If a check you deposited to your Azlo account is returned, your account is debited the amount of the check. This debit will show as a pending transaction, and then finalize to your account, with the transaction description of "RETURN ITEM CHARGE BACK".

You'll also receive a letter in the mail with the reason the check was returned, along with a legal copy of the check. You can redeposit this legal copy, but only by mail if you choose to deposit it at Azlo.

Why do checks return after they're deposited?

Checks can be returned unpaid for a handful of reasons, but these are some of the most common:

  • Insufficient funds in the paying account
  • Stop payment on the check
  • Multiple presentments, meaning the check has already been deposited
  • Other processing errors 

What do I do if my check deposit returns? 

Our customer support team will be able to let you know why the check returned a lot of the times, but not always. We always suggest you reach out directly to the person or company who issued you the check. They should be able to let you know what happened and either issue you a new check or make arrangements to make the payment another way. 








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