Repaying a closed account with a negative balance

How do I repay an account that was closed with a negative balance?

While we are working on a more efficient solution, the only way to pay the balance at this time is to mail a check to our office. Follow these steps:

  • Make the check payable to: Azlo, Inc.
  • Write out the check for the amount owed
  • On the memo line of your check, write: "The name of your business/recovery payment"
  • Send to the following address:
    • Azlo
      Attn: Adjustments
      PO Box 14908
      Portland, OR 97293

What kind of payments do you accept for repaying a closed account?

We can accept a personal check, Cashier's or Treasurer's Check, or a money order to repay the owed balance, so long as it's filled out following the previous instructions. 

Does this negatively impact me?

If your account was closed with a negative balance, it is included in your banking history and it may prevent you from opening a bank account elsewhere. If you repay the balance owed, we update this in your banking history, and in many cases you can even reapply for an Azlo account. 


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