How does Azlo use push notifications?

You can receive push notifications if you have the Azlo app installed on your mobile device and the settings are set to allow notifications. A push notification will be sent to you every time you use your Azlo debit card.

What transactions will send me a push notification?

A few examples of transactions that you would receive a push notification for are:

  • Making a purchase with your debit card at store (swipe, chip)
  • Making purchases online with your debit card information
  • ATM withdrawals 

What won't send a push notification?

Some examples of transactions that you won’t receive a push notification for are:

  • Transferring money to a linked account
  • Mailing a check using Azlo’s bill pay service
  • ACH payments (bank-to-bank payments)

How do I turn on push notifications?

Debit card push notifications are automatically enabled via the app and cannot be turned on or off through Azlo, though you may be able to turn the on or off through your device's settings. If you aren't receiving them, you can ensure that push notifications are enabled via your phone settings. Keep in mind that each device is different, so where you access your phone’s settings may vary. 


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