Inactive accounts

When does an account become inactive?

An Azlo account is considered inactive, sometimes called “dormant”, if there hasn’t been any customer-initiated transaction activity for about one year (361 days). 

Recurring credits and debits using your account and routing information like direct deposits or monthly bills setup for automatic payments are considered automatic transactions, and won't keep your account active.

What happens if my account goes inactive?

  • Your account will be frozen and you won't be able to log into your Azlo account
  • Your Azlo debit card is automatically canceled and can't be used
  • You will not be able to perform ACH transfers

How can I reactivate my Azlo account?

If you’re experiencing difficulties logging into your account, contact our support team for assistance. They'll be able to help with the reactivation of your account and get a new card ordered for you.


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