Multi-factor Authentication

What is multi-factor authentication? 

Multi-factor authentication, often shortened to MFA and also called two-factor authentication or 2FA, is a security measure used to verify your identity. Azlo takes this step to verify specific actions are being taken by you, the customer.

Azlo requires it because it’s a crucial measure we believe is necessary to protect your funds and account information.

What kind of multi-factor authentication does Azlo use?

Azlo uses SMS two-factor authentication. This means a text message will be sent to the personal or authentication phone number we have on file for the Azlo account owner with a unique code to verify the user.  This is the only kind of MFA we currently utilized, though we are looking to offer additional options in the future.  

When will I receive a multi-factor authentication code?

You'll receive an MFA code at a few key moments when interacting with Azlo. Here are some examples:

  • Applying for a new account
  • Signing into your account from a new device
  • When contacting our customer support team
  • Updating your email address
  • Changing your password
  • Completing certain transactions
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