What are Azlo Envelopes?

Azlo Envelopes are funds held inside your Azlo account: They’re a way to categorize your funds and can be used to save money, set aside taxes, or for anything else that will help you further manage your business’ finances. 

How do Azlo Envelopes affect my Available Money?

Any funds allocated to one of your Azlo Envelopes are not included as part of your Available Money, meaning those funds are not available for immediate withdrawal. If you do not have enough money in your Available Money to cover a transaction, the transaction may decline even if there is enough money in your Envelope(s). You will need to release funds from your Envelopes in order to transact.

What is the difference between Available Money and Account Balance?

  • Available Money: Posted balance minus the money allocated to Envelopes and any other holds placed on the account (such as pending transactions).
  • Account Balance: same as the posted balance.  It is your Available Money plus the allocated funds in Envelopes as well as any funds subject to other holds (such as pending transactions that have not yet finalized).

What happens to my Azlo Checking Account?

Your Azlo account will continue to function as it did before. It will be used for all your purchases, transfers, standing orders, and deposits. The key difference is that the Available Money in your Azlo Checking Account will not include the funds allocated to your Envelopes. 

How many Envelopes can I have?

At this time, every customer can have one Azlo Envelope within their Account. We’re working to offer additional envelopes through Azlo’s membership program that's coming soon.

How do I create an Envelope?

You can create an Envelope anytime by taking the following steps: 

  1. Head to the Account tab
  2. Click or tap “Add an Envelope”
  3. Choose a name and description for your Envelope
  4. Click or tap “Agree & Create Envelope” 

Once you create an Envelope, you will see the option to add funds.

How do I move funds into an Envelope?

Move funds into an Envelope by taking the following steps: 

  1. Head to the Account tab
  2. Tap on the desired Envelope or click “View Envelope”
  3. Click or tap “Add Funds”
  4. Choose either  “Fixed” or “Percentage”
  5. Enter the amount you want to move into the Envelope from your Available Money
  6. Click or tap “Add Funds”

What happens if I want to use the money in an Envelope?

In order to use funds in an Envelope, you will need to release the funds back into your Available Money. This can be done instantly.

  1. Head to the Account tab
  2. Tap on the desired Envelope or click “View Envelope”
  3. Click or tap “Release Funds”
  4. Choose either “Fixed” or “Percentage”
  5. Insert amount
  6. Click or tap “Release Funds”

What happens if my Available Money is negative, but I have money in my Azlo Envelopes?

Generally, transactions that exceed your Available Money will be declined regardless of how much is in your Envelopes.  However, if your Available Money goes into the negative, we will automatically release funds from your Envelopes to bring your balance positive. You will receive an email notification to confirm the release of the funds from your Envelopes. You will not be able to transact on your Account or allocate funds to an Envelope so long as your Available Money has a balance of $0 or less.

What happens if I don’t have enough funds in my Azlo Envelopes to cover the negative balance in my Azlo Checking Account? 

If a transaction posts to your account that takes Available Money negative, funds from your Envelope will be released. If this isn’t enough to cover the entire negative balance, you will need to make a deposit to bring your Account Balance positive. For additional detail please review this article on negative balances.

What happens if I delete an Envelope?

The funds you allocated to that Envelope will be instantly released and available in your Azlo Checking Account.

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